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➜ Context ➜ “Follow your ideas.” Compass was born under this concept, a brand that makes unconventional ceramic objects. Compass is faithful to its philosophies, they are inspired by the codes of the street present in street wear. Thats why their main product are Sneakers. They were adopting these codes and metaphors related to their own lifestyle to reach a very specific niche in which they believe and also understand perfectly. We conclude that a good idea can transform a piece of ceramic into a work with emotional and functional meaning, always guided by your conviction.

➜ Brief/Problem ➜ Compass needed an image that reflected the balance between a ceramic design studio and an urban language that reflected a taste for the street and its meanings. The ideology of Compass is to stick with its purpose and taste, sporty sneakers and well-designed sneakers in general, many of these worn by rappers and graffiti writers. There was also an expansion of their portfolio, where they begin to take the sneakers to other everyday objects such as mugs, plates, planters, etc. Resignifying the value and meaning of these objects.

➜ Solution ➜ For the Compass logo, we contemplated the possibility of a base element (ceramic) that could be transformed into different objects. (sneakers, mugs, plates, etc). and we did it.
This allowed creating a dynamic graphic system where the letter "O" as the base material is transformed depending on the product they offer.
Its graphic system is simple and straightforward. The use of clean backgrounds gives it a ceramic studio personality and the other elements illustrated around it are inspired by sports brands designed to evoke a street spirit without falling into conventionalisms.

Work: Copywriting | Branding | Packaging | Art Direction 
by nicof maya®  | 2021

Studio Photography: Nicof Maya
Lifestyle photography: Diego Patiño 

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