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➜ Context ➜ In 2020, Adidas® Colombia launched a contest to design its new pieces to display in their print shop and stamp live on different brand garments during the launch of its new Adidas® Performance store in Medellín, Colombia. 

➜ Brief/Problem ➜ During the first videocall with Adidas®, I find as an important insight the phrase "an escenary for everyone" and the main task was to Integrate sports, Medellín city and Adidas® in a piece that could work on T-shirts, hoodies, posters and also patches.

➜ Solution ➜ In this wide scenary we all have a moment to be in the spotlight. In the city, even if it's under the light of a street lamp. Mountains, streets, graffiti walls, and public transport are our spectators. In such an immense environment there is space for all sports and these are the ones who take over the city.
They Run The City.

Client: Adidas® Colombia | Illustration | by nicof maya®  | 2020

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